Past life regression

Past life regressionPast Life Regression Do you believe in past lives?

Price for session: Between one and a half to two hours £110.
If there is for some reason that you are un- able to visualize during the regression, then we would continue the session with relaxation and confifidence.

Gary Markwick is a qualified clinical Hypnotherapist Dip` Hypnotherapy   NLP-Past life Regression - trauma therapy  Usui Reiki & karuna Reiki Master/teacher - spiritual healer Professional Palmist - Psychic Member of National Council of Psychotherapists - UK Reiki Federation Consultant member of the British Astrological & Psychic Society

Have you ever wondered who you might have been in a previous life?
Questions like these and many more have been answered by taking a fascinating journey into the unknown which, can open doors leading to our past. Simply for curiosity or perhaps to reveal accounts and actions that may have taken place in previous lives.

Whatever the reasons are for exploring past lives the potentiality exists for us to be to healed in the present time, as a result of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks from our past.

Cycles of life
If we can imagine, our life as being one large cycle, and within that greater cycle there are many smaller cycles.

Which, throughout our lives are repeated, some more frequently than others, and the purpose of these cycles are to replenish, to take stock and build upon, to learn from our mistakes and to  releasethe anguishes, anxieties, the fears and hurts from our past. To let go of what no longer serves our purpose any more.

As once we have learned our lessons there is no real need to repeat them, making the same old mistakes (this being a cycle within itself).

So, on a level of far greater depth and capacity, infinitely, we are all one with the  Universe and it’s energy. Everything exists within cycles, all is recycled.

As humans, we repeat the same patterns from past life cycles until we can recognize them for what they are. Once we do this, we are then able to free our selves from being stuck in the past and can remain in the present to enjoy life.

This Gives us a greater understanding of the reasons why past lives may exist, to possibly know why we have chosen to come down on earth again to be reborn into the cycle of rebirth. One of the reasons for this might be that, there may be a karmic
debt that you need to pay off to someone or to society or, there may have been  some un-finished business with others that you left behind in you previous life and that you may wish to change or to put right.

Reincarnation (soul rebirth) with Religions
In all religions, it is believed that we will enter an afterlife of some kind and by many, reincarnation.
In Christianity, reincarnation may have exsited until around the 4th century AD. It was then said to have been removed by the Roman emperor Constantine. Possibly, through fear of loosing control of the church at the time.

Child awarenes of Rebirth
There are many children that have recalled and remebered their past lives without being aware of what it actuallly is, as it comes so naturally to them.
I have heard parents saying things like; their daughter said to them when they were driving along;" I used to live over there before, but you weren`t my mummy then"!
Another child in Scotland said; "I used to live over there with my boys"!
Often children are aware of another existance from around the age of two, up until around six years old.
The seven year cycle then takes effect as we progress into adulthood.
Creating a greater awarenes in the consciousness mind, bringing forth changes
and re-learning to cope with the problems of modern day life! While, the unconscious mind is not lost but, almost  forgotten. Except, when we gain access in our dreams, visions that some might have, the feelings of De ja vue and of coarse,  through past life regression therapy.

There have also been many recorded cases from clients of psychiatrists and regressionists that have found evidence of past lives when researched.

The Interlife
After we have passed on from a life cycle on earth.
We enter the “Inter life” (known as “Bardo” in Buddhism). This is a place between lives before entering into the next life on earth. It is where we can look at the previous life and reflect; to ask for forgiveness, or, to forgive those that are there with us or, those we left behind on earth. It is a place of peace and serenity, calmness and tranquility and where the soul is cleansed. It is a place to learn and spiritually grow before we move on into the next or present life.

Where ever or, what ever stage you may have reached at this present time in your life, is a result from your past!

Past Life Regression through trance work
The client will be guided by me to a deep level of relaxation. Where they will continue to journey onwards to a past life. I will be there with them, the whole time to ensure the well-being of the client. Asking what they are experiencing, where they may be, who they are in this other life (if known), the times and places and anything else that may occur during their experience of a past life.

The session will usually last between one and half to two hours. This will also depend on the client and their ability to visualize.
During the session I also take notes, which is then later given to the client.

Price for session including consultation £110

Written by G Markwick©

Past life regression actual events
Below, are two acounts  of a girl in her mid twenties, of who I gave Past life regression to. Not only did she remember everthing in detail, but she kindly, typed out  her experiences and returned them to me, to place on here:>

 "I appeared in a large pale marble building with pillars.  I felt at home and very comfortable and relaxed. 
I instantly knew I was female.  I was stood on a few steps which led down into another part of a split level room. 
Ahead of me was a slightly raised pool within the room.  There were two women of elegant appearance stood not far from the pool on the right.  They were wearing cream coloured clothes.  It felt as though I was in a Roman setting. 
Looking across the room to the left, the building opened up into a large grassed courtyard area.  The building extended around the courtyard and pillars decorated the veranda.  It was totally serene and tranquil.

I was wearing a number of rings on my toes.  My clothes were cream in colour with gold embroidery.  I was in my early 20s.  I walked outside into the courtyard and on the veranda off the left of the grassed area were two men, talking to each other. 
I took no notice of the man on the left, but the man on the right I was totally fixated upon.  He was wearing a deep blue cloak fixed to hang slightly over his shoulders and down his back.  He was some sort of official and I admired him and felt I was in a relationship with him.  He appeared to be powerful and a man of status.
He had dark hair, probably black and was significantly older than me, probably into his mid 30s.

Gary asked me to look 10 years ahead.  I was still slim, very happy and was wearing a lot of jewellery.  I was still in the same marble building.  I was totally contented with life, didn’t feel I did anything other than enjoy life and although I didn’t see any children, I felt I was never alone in the building.

When asked to move ahead again, I felt I never became old.  However, in the future, in my 40s, I was aware I had a breathing problem.  I was upset about the way I was.
I was looking at my hands and arms, although they did not appear old, looking at
them I could tell something was not quite right with me.  My forearms appeared thin.

My fingernails were long and oval in shape.  I was wearing rings.  I felt disappointed and was sat and then laying on some sort of lounger or bed, looking at the pool in the middle of the room.  My hair was clipped up.  My hair was very well maintained. 
I could see I had thick, long, black curls, possible now false hair clipped into my own.

There was no one else about at the time, but I didn’t feel totally alone.  I felt as though my husband may have died; he certainly wasn’t around, and didn’t feel as though I had any children.  Whilst there was a feeling of disappointment about the current situation I was content enough and felt I had had a very happy life"!                                                            

Regression II

"It was dark at night, a little cold and damp, but would have been a mild day.
It was totally quiet. 
I looked down and could see that I was wearing black or dark navy shoes with a gold coloured buckle on the sides. 
To my surprise I was male.  I was wearing what I considered to be opulent clothes; trousers to the knee, stockings and a cloak and I thought I may have been wearing a hat.  All were dark navy in colour.  I was young, probably about 20 years.  My hair was tied back. 
I believed it was somewhere in Europe in the mid 1700s to 1800, definitely not Spain, France, Germany or Italy.

I felt as though I had a comfortable lifestyle and had some significant wealth.  I thought I may have been skilled in something academic,
possibly mathematical.  There was a feeling as though I had been away from this place for some time and that I had returned with something I had been tasked to do.
I had coins in a pouch or bag which was attached to a cord I was wearing over my shoulder, but with the pouch concealed under my cloak.  I felt I was keeping these safe under my cloak and thought I may have had to deliver these to another man.

When I walked forward I could see a row of tall terraced houses on the right of the paved road or path.  It was not a particularly wide area to walk along and on the left was water, probably some sort of canal.  I could not see up to the roof level, but the houses were white with black front doors and had large windows which had square or rectangular panes.

I felt as though I had something I must do and that I had to be somewhere else rather than spend time looking around.  I was not sure about going up to the houses to have a closer look because of this reason.  I did go up to one of the houses as suggested by Gary.  The closer I got to the window, the more came into focus through the panes.  I ended up very close to the glass and could see into a candle lit room. 

Sat, what appeared to be on the floor, was a young lady wearing some sort of white or cream bonnet, possibly a night cap.  She was dressed in white or pale cream and her clothing had a high collar.  She was facing away from me, but I could see her slightly side on.  I felt as though there were a couple of children in there with her, quite young boys.  I wasn’t sure if they were her brothers or her own children.

The more I looked, the more I started to feel I knew her and that I had some type of relationship with her.  Without warning I became very upset. 
It was as though I missed her and longed to be with her.  I had feelings that I didn’t want to leave this moment; that I didn’t want to go to wherever I had to be or to do whatever I had to do next.

Gary suggested I walk up to the front door and knock on the door.
I did this and there appeared to be a number on the door, something between 80 and 84.  When she opened the door she was pleased to see me but she was upset too.  We were hugging each other and I was saying sorry to her repeatedly.
I believed at this point my name was Francis.  I assumed first name, but could have been second name.  I did not want to let her go, neither did she want me to leave, and we were both very upset, particularly myself.  I could see and feel light and warmth coming from inside the house and was aware again of the two children being in there although they did not come to the door.
I wasn’t sure at this point if they were my children.  There was no way I wanted to leave this moment and continue along the street.  I felt as though I was going to die shortly afterwards.

As instructed by Gary I moved on and continued a little way up the street.  I felt as though I had to deliver the coins to someone.  Suddenly, I was shoved hard from behind.  My view of the situation then changed and as an observer I saw myself fall forwards, my cloak flew up in the air and I landed on my hands and knees.  Two people were behind me and I saw my face as I looked back at them, whilst turning round, but still on the floor.  I had pale skin, my nose was quite pointed at the end and I had fair hair, thick and wavy, tied back in a ponytail about 4 inches long.  I was very scared.

My perspective then returned to my own and I was looking up at the two men from the ground.  The canal was now on my right and I wasn’t far from the edge.  I felt as though I knew the men as they came nearer, but I couldn’t focus clearly on their features.  They were clearly of a respectable background the same as my own.
The man on the left had a beard and was holding a lump of wood.  I was trying to talk to them and reason with them but they wanted to hurt me.  I then couldn’t see anything and I believed they killed me.

After the scene ended, I felt as though I was regretful about the situation; as if I hadn’t done what the young lady in the house had wanted me to do and instead I had got involved with the wrong sort of people; possibly for financial gain.  There was a feeling that I knew the two men and that they and I possibly worked for the same man I believed I was delivering the coins to.  I wondered if it had been some sort of internal set up between all three men to kill me whilst on route.  I felt I could forgive the two who did it, but not the man who I believed had instructed them to kill me. 
I felt pleased I had that time with the young lady at the door"!